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Garbage Disposal Installation

The garbage disposal may be one of the most misused appliances in any home. Few people realize that garbage disposals are only designed to handle light food residue that is rinsed from plates and cooking utensils before they go into the dishwasher. That’s why we get so many calls about garbage disposal problems. Not all garbage disposal problems require replacement. Most of the time, a garbage disposal might have just stuck and you can get it to work again usually by pressing rest button at the bottom of the garbage disposal.

A garbage disposal professionally installed under your sink is not only a great convenience when cleaning up after meals; it is also an environmentally friendly feature for your kitchen. Food waste that is sent down your drain through the garbage disposal gets shredded into tiny pieces that can be safely eliminated with your wastewater. Doing this diverts solid waste from landfill sites. It is estimated that approximately 12% of all solid waste in US landfill sites are made up of food scraps. As these food scraps decompose, they release a harmful greenhouse gas called methane into the atmosphere.

Large quantities of food and debris going into disposers can overwhelm them and clog the kitchen sink drain. Few things are more frustrating than a kitchen sink that won’t drain, but 24 Hour Rooter’s plumbers are experts at kitchen drain cleaning. We’ll also repair or replace your broken garbage disposal and get your sink back to normal in no time.

Looking to repair your garbage disposal yourself? If your garbage disposal hums but won’t operate properly, there may be a simple fix. Follow these steps:

  • Press the reset button located on the bottom of the disposer. If this doesn’t work, turn off the power switch and shine a flashlight into the drain.
  • Look for a foreign object such as a coin, plastic bread tie or staple.
  • Remove the item with pliers or a grasping tool. It is dangerous to put your hand inside a garbage disposal.
  • Look to see if your disposer has a hex key jam clearing tool under the sink or taped to the disposer.
  • Check for a slot at the bottom of the disposer where the tool can be inserted and turned back and forth to clear the jam.

24 Hour Rooter in Palmdale, Ca can fix or replace your broken garbage disposal fast and at an affordable rate. We have been helping Palmdale residents with their garbage disposal and other plumbing issues for over 12 years. 


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